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In the dystopian future of the Big East, BBVA Compass Bowl trophies will be a highly valued currency. (AP)

In the dystopian future of the Big East, BBVA Compass Bowl trophies will be used as currency. (AP)

• "Group of five" still just sounds so ominous. Jeremy Fowler reports on the coalescing system the Big East, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and Sun Belt are working on to distribute playoff revenue from the new postseason system:

In this proposed system, more than half the group's roughly $86-million playoff pot would be distributed among the Big East, Mountain West, Mid-American Conference, Conference USA and Sun Belt as guaranteed base shares, according to a source with direct knowledge of the discussions. The source expects those shares to be evenly split, but added discussions are ongoing. The second tier pays out based on a conference's body of work -- the top conference gets the highest amount, then “X” amount for the next-rated conference, and on down. The third tier pays a kicker to the conference with the highest-ranked team, which is guaranteed an access bowl bid or, if among the top-four teams in the country, a semifinal berth in the playoff.

• Harbros' early broing days. Check out Dan Wetzel's tale of relatively wee Harbaughs recruiting youngsters to their dad's team at Western Kentucky, including an appearance by one Willie Taggart.

• Exactly how you would've guessed. Former Miami Hurricanes make up the biggest slice of Super Bowl roster pie charts, but two of the next five teams on that list are ... Marshall and Utah? Marshall and Utah! Go ThunderUtes!

• From the no-jokes department. Compelling story via OTL on UCLA researchers and evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in living football players.

• Also from the no-jokes department. Jerry Sandusky's "Victim 6" has filed a federal lawsuit against Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile charity:

The lawsuit alleges that Penn State intentionally didn't oversee Sandusky properly and failed to report him to authorities when he was suspected of abusing children, allowing him to commit "his criminally outrageous and depraved acts." It claims Penn State and The Second Mile "turned a blind eye to Sandusky's sexual exploitation" of children and "fostered a culture and/or code of silence" that kept abuse allegations from being reported.

• Coach-hirin' season! Behold the compliance-related stipulations inserted into Mark Helfrich's contract ... T.J. Weist has been named offensive coordinator at UConn ... some guy named "Ken Dorsey" will reportedly become the next Carolina Panthers quarterbacks coach ... Tim McDonald, who appeared in last fall's Profiles in Profiteroles, will reportedly leave Fresno State to join the New York Jets ... and here is a sentence we are not making up: "New Mexico State Aggie head football coach DeWayne Walker is headed to the NFL to become the defensive backs coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, according to rampant speculation online and on social media." We breathlessly await the day when a newspaper just straight-up sources a Laff Riot.

• Roster blotter. Former Georgia running back Ken Malcome's reported transfer destination is Southern Illinois ... Florida State's Cameron Ervinggets his knee scoped ... Houston walk-on Shane Ros has been placed on scholarship ... how a state trooper recruited for Nebraska during a traffic stop.

• Realignment tidbit, grudgingly dispensed. Here's the official release on FAU and MTSU's early jump to Conference USA.

• Schedule matters. For those of you already pining for your Bowden fix in the offseason, take heart: Central Florida and Akron's Week 1 game will be played on Thursday night, August 29.


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