Sparty up early; more Designated Reads

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• Hail to whoever can focus a camera that early. Michigan State is in the thick of winter conditioning, and Michigan State's social media team is soldiering through with the Spartans, providing photos of a quality too rarely found in team Twitter feeds:

Eschewing blurry iPhone shots really drives home the point that you are not up and working out at 5:30 a.m. in East Lansing. Bless you, boys.

And bless you, Black Knights. Just remember who dragged you out of The Nothing and into spring ball: As we're typing this, Army's already been at practice for half an hour.

• Solved that thing. Will Katherine Webb in an Auburn/Alabama combo jersey bring about peace in the Yellowhammer State? Probably not, but it was worth a shot, right?

• NEEEEEEEEEEEE[deep breath]EEEEEEERDS. Without adjusting our commemorative Battlestar Galactica caps too tightly, let us just say that we are thrilled to the gills to see more schools recognizing the second-screen experience as valid and valuable. The future is here, and it is neat.

• Crootin' time! Andy Staples re-ranks the recruiting classes of 2010.

• Coach-hirin' season! Former Duke wide receiver Scottie Montgomery is back in Durham, where he'll serve as receivers coach, associate head coach and passing game coordinator for the Blue Devils ...

• Roster blotter. Out West, Tyler Gaffney returns to Stanford ... and down South, there are six quarterbacks hankering to succeed AJ McCarron, which is adorable given 'Bama's use of the position. THEY AIN'T NEED BUT ONE, MAX, PAAAOWL.

• Tweet of the day. Colorado State's mascot is hanging out with the Colorado state legislature.

• Quote of the day. "It was difficult, and then to watch them struggle and not play the way they played before, I felt a lot of responsibility for that." -- Bobby Petrino, incisive as always.


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