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P.J. Fleck, offseason hero; more Designated Reads

Here is new Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck jumping into an iced-over pond for love of team and country, followed by his wife, Tracie. Mr. Fleck has painted his chest like a student section stalwart. Mrs. Fleck had a baby two months ago and is out running around in a bathing suit in the snow. Western Michigan is our favorite MAC team of 2013 already.

• Strap on your best Vandal sandals.Idaho will hold walk-on football tryouts later this month.

• Somewhere in Atlanta, Paul Johnson's mouth quirks in what could almost be a human smile.Florida State lost close to half a million dollars playing in the ACC championship game.

• More money-losing endeavors. Fallout from the Jerry Sandusky case has cost Penn State more than $27 million so far, not including the $60 million fine levied by the NCAA.

• Y'all ain't from around here, are you? Please remind us, when we finally get out of the blogging game and around to setting up our very own drug cartel, to emblazon all vehicles we own with drug-related stickers as a handy clue for local law enforcement.

• Coach-hirin' season!Dan Hawkins to resurface in Montreal at the helm of the good ship Alouettes ... Cam Cameron pops up in Baton Rouge as LSU's latest OC ... also bound for Louisiana is Michigan State OC Dan Roushar ... Ron West will serve as co-DC at North Carolina ... Matt House has been promoted to defensive coordinator at Pitt ... Utah State hires the outstandingly-named Todd Orlando as DC ... and we are all about Mario Cristobal getting paid paid paid, wherever that might happen best for him, because GOOD NIGHT FIU, WHAT IN BLUE AND GOLD HELL WERE YOU THINKING.

• Roster blotter. Stanford QB Josh Nunes will miss spring ball with an injury that maybe involved him being bitten by a radioactive spider, to hear David Shaw tell it ... please forward any promising defensive tackles and corners to Norman ... Alabama's Snack Bandits will have to content themselves with gas station fare for a little while.

• Schedule matters. The indispensable Paul Myerberg has compiled all FBS spring football dates at one useful link. Army and Tulane are already into spring ball; San Jose State and Texas fire up this week. And if you were wanting to see what Arizona State makes of season-opening opponent Sacramento State, you will now get to do that in primetime.


Nobody wants to be the first linebacker


has a pair of replicants

"Meet the man who painted LSU tiger stripes on a Lamborghini."