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Monday's Miami musings move on; more Designated Reads

• We (collective we) have some thoughts. Stewart Mandel on the future of the NCAA's enforcement model: "At what point does Emmert -- or if not him, the NCAA's members -- finally admit the need to blow up the whole thing and replace it with something more effective?" Andy Staples on the need for NCAA transparency: "The release of the report in the Miami case didn't shatter the public's trust in the NCAA. The public never trusted the NCAA in the first place, because the NCAA usually acts as if it has something to hide." Us: Honestly, we're re-reading last February's piece on Nevin Shapiro's next claims and feeling just a little melancholy. Not even one of those came true? You can't tell us the Greg Olsen one is that far-fetched.

And the thing about trying to joke on this latest revelation is that every single joke could conceivably come true. Observe:

• Be of good cheer. We're past the spiritual nadir of the offseason if it's already time for Bill Connelly's 2014 previews, yes? First up is Georgia State, and this sensible mantra: "If you can go 7-4 at Indiana State, you can eventually win seven games in the Sun Belt."

• What could be more intimidating than owl prison? Florida Atlantic's hotly teased Tuesday-morning announcement, as reported by Owl Access, does indeed involve selling stadium naming rights to GEO Group, which operates for-profit prisons. Predatory bird jail jokes, your time has come!

• More like Johnny Keyboard, amirite? ... guys?Johnny Manziel is sticking to online-only courses for his spring semester at Texas A&M. This makes him basically a stay-at-home blogger like us, only athletic and with promising future earning potential.

Atlantic Court Conference update. The ACC's exit fee lawsuit against Maryland will proceed. We're just gonna leave this at-best-tangentially-related piece of reading over here.

• Coach-hirin' season! Mission Mario Cristobal to Alabama is reportedly a go. Looks like staying behind to recruit against FIU didn't figure to be much of a challenge for him.

• Roster blotter.West Virginia weekend arrests, ahoy!


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