All aboard for the Raid-N-Shoot, or something

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Prepare ye the way of the Mumme-stangs? (AP)

Prepare ye the way of the Mumme-stangs? (AP)

This is gonna be fun: Hal Mumme has finally been officially announced as a member of June Jones' staff at SMU, where he'll serve as the Mustangs' passing game coordinator. This seems like a thing that Hal Mumme would be good at. Jones spoke with the Dallas Morning News back in February about Mumme's potential role:

“We’ve been friends for 35 to 40 years,’’ Jones said by phone Saturday. “He believes the same things I do about offense. I tried to hire him three years ago but it didn’t work out." [...] Jones said he will remain the primary offensive coordinator and will continue to call plays. Jason Phillips, brought in from Houston before last season as co-offensive coordinator and receiving coach, will have more input in alterations to the Run-and-Shoot as Jones seeks to enhance the passing attack.

The Run-and-Shoot with enhanced Air Raid qualities? Internet, it's Wednesday afternoon in March, and you know your duty -- time to name Hal Mumme's passing attack for the Mustangs: