How to make an American conference

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Aren't we glad we didn't redo this graphic today?

This makes two Idaho football-related posts in a row for us, which has to be some sort of record, and also involves us writing about realignment without grinding our back teeth to powder in seething resentment, which is definitely also a record. College football's controlling interests have heeded our "Everybody into the Sun Belt" advice and the SBC's ranks will swell with four new teams, not two. From Dennis Dodd:

Later in the week, perhaps as early Thursday, it is expected that New Mexico State and Idaho will also join the league beginning in 2014. Idaho and New Mexico State football will be football-only members. Beginning in 2014, that will give the league 12 members, enough to stage a conference playoff that will be played on the campuses.

We all know what this means, right? Right: