America dangerously close to Beef 'O' Brady's-adjacent national title game

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Look, it's this or the Beef-o-Rita UltraNachos-adjacent National Title Game. Choose your poison. (AP)

Look, it's this or the Beef-o-Rita UltraNachos National Title Game. Choose your poison. (AP)

In a shocking twist of events, a very large and new football stadium is heavily favored to host a very large and important sporting event! From the Dallas Morning News: "College football officials have pointed to Cowboys Stadium as an overwhelming favorite to host the first title game for months. One source indicated those previous predictions 'will prove to be accurate.'”

And now, the most chilling sentence you will read all day: "Sources familiar with the process indicated that Arlington and Tampa are the only two cities seeking to host the title game planned in 2015 as part of a four-team playoff system." Arlington and Tampa, those pillars of college football tradition and pageantry. Do y'all realize how easy it would be to abscond with the national title game from Tampa to St. Pete? A Beef 'O' Brady's-sponsored championship is just a high-stakes caper away.