Illinois is an I-rich environment

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SomethIng's MIssIng. (

SomethIng's MIssIng. (

By Holly Anderson

This marks the second time this offseason we are writing about Illinois football T-shirts, which is twice more than we ever thought we'd be writing about Illinois football T-shirts. Spring is full of unexpected surprises.

To the matter at hand: Illinois recently held a T-shirt slogan contest. The winning incantation has been placed on several T-shirt designs, which will themselves be voted on to produce one perfectly crowdsourced shirt. The work on display here is largely light-years ahead of the graphic flops we've seen from certain other higher-profile design contests of late.

However: As products of an SEC education we cannot be sure, but we are almost positive the letter "I" appears three times in Illinois. As a public service, we have created this helpful reverse shirt image, to be placed on the opposite side of the winning T-shirt design in order to help ward off any further confusion: