Fight on, Brojans

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By Holly Anderson

The end of spring ball means the commencement of rubber chicken circuits for coaches around the country, which itself means promo videos for the same. Even if your coach doesn't do the local ad game, he stands a pretty solid chance of being trotted in front of school cameras and handed an elaborately casual script: staffers screened the above USC effort in the safety of our offices, and the reviews are in:

"Andy Enfield is way more boring when he doesn't have FGCU players throwing down ridiculous alley-oops around him."

"Lane Kiffin displays a self awareness in the final seconds here that's rarely evident when cameras are out."

"Really shows what Hollywood is all about!"

"The video interns milling around in the reflective surface invoke the demons of uncertainty that have plagued so many high-profile USC teams in seasons past. But are they emerging or receding?"

"Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. BROOOOOOOOOOO."