Kansas coach Charlie Weis: 'There's validity' in Bob Stoops' SEC comment

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Kansas coach and renowned numbers guy Charlie Weis explains the SEC's weaknesses. (Jackson Laizure/Getty Images)

Charlie Weis(Jackson Laizure/Getty Images)

By Zac Ellis

Bob Stoops' recent SEC comment ruffled some feathers around the country's most powerful conference, but Oklahoma's head coach can take comfort knowing one man has his back: Charlie Weis.

It's been a week since Stoops took the power of the SEC to task, telling the Tulsa World that the league's perceived dominance is the result of "a lot of propaganda that gets fed out to you." Yet despite the SEC claiming seven straight BCS national championships, Weis, the former Florida offensive coordinator (2011) and current Kansas head coach, said Stoops actually has a point. In an interview with ESPN.com, Weis said:

"Do you know the stats? In the SEC, the record of the good guys and the bad guys? [...] I’m just sayin’, you look at the bottom of our league and the bottom of their league, just going based off the numbers, there’s validity in what he said. I’m just going based off the numbers, I mean, I’m a numbers guy. Just based off the numbers, you’d have to say he’s got a point."

Stoops' original comment prompted some SEC coaches to opine on their league's status as the nation's leading conference. Florida coach Will Muschamp, the former defensive coordinator at Texas, told the Palm Beach Post, “I’d be saying the same thing if I were in the Big 12. I said it for three years.” Alabama coach Nick Saban brushed off Stoops' comments, telling AL.com he had "more important things to do" than read what Stoops had to say. But Saban added that he believes some "animosity" exists toward the SEC because of its recent success.

As with most leagues, a discrepancy exists between the SEC's top and bottom tiers. Five of the conference's teams finished below .500 last season, and four coaches lost their jobs. Perhaps most telling: The bottom eight teams in the SEC went winless against the top six teams, going 0-30 in 2012.