Rod Carey impresses in Wrigley debut

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By Holly Anderson

As is customary 'round these parts, we present to you a college football coach singing at Wrigley Field. Today's victim: Rod Carey of Northern Illinois, who made the traditional pilgrimage for area coaches to last night's Cubs baseball match (that's what they're called, right?) against the Rockies.

The song, and its surprising qualities, after the jump:

This may be the best rendition we've seen in the history of this feature, for a couple reasons: Most crucially, the video is being shot from outside the press box, so you can't hear coach Carey all the time. This masks some smaller quibbles we might otherwise have with his performance. Second, Carey at least makes an attempt at changing notes with his voice to match the ostensible notes of the song. Third -- and as a #MACtion man, Carey shouldn't surprise here -- he never resorts to screaming, presumably because of something baseball writers would call "a little thing called heart." Go