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College Football Playoff selection committee trial run unlikely for 2013

Bill Hancock said a 'dry run' for the selection committee in 2013 is unlikely. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Bill Hancock

By Zac Ellis

The College Commissioners Association met in Colorado Springs, Colo., this week, and it failed to provide much new information regarding the College Football Playoff selection committee. However, executive director Bill Hancock did offer some insight with at least one of his comments. It's unlikely the 2013 season will be used as a "dry run" for the committee, Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports reports:

There has been speculation that a committee could use the 2013 season as a "dry run" for the real thing in '14. But Hancock said that is unlikely for multiple reasons: the results would inevitably be leaked; the resulting tumult could overshadow this season; and the time expended on a theoretical undertaking would be counterproductive to the committee members.

Information surrounding the selection committee, which is set to accompany the first College Football Playoff following the 2014 season, has been scarce since the playoff was officially announced in April. Hancock said in a statement that while progress is being made, more details concerning the committee's composition may not be available for quite some time (via NBC's College Football Talk):

“The makeup and operation of the selection committee is one of the most important decisions we have to make,” executive director of the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock, said. “Our first season is more than a year away so there is no rush to get this done, but we’re pleased with the progress we’re making. We will continue to proceed in a deliberate, thoughtful, and thorough way.

“Nothing is final until everything is final and we anticipate additional work on this issue for the next several months.”

According to Forde, the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick brought more than 100 potential names to the table to be considered for the committee. The group is ultimately expected to include 12-18 members, and many former college administrators, coaches and even media members' names are thought to be in consideration.