Alabama's Nick Saban at 2013 SEC Media Days: Five key takeways

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Alabama coach Nick Saban addressed a crowd of reporters at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., on Thursday. (AP)

Nick Saban

By Ben Glicksman

Alabama coach Nick Saban held a press conference at SEC Media Days on Thursday. Here are five key takeaways from his appearance.

1. Nick Saban’s suit game is top notch. This is well known at this point, of course, and is clearly demonstrated in the photo above. But this needs to be mentioned nonetheless. Acceptable adjectives to describe Saban’s SEC Media Days attire: Strong. Well-fitting. Champion. Roll Tide. Picking out formal wear is a process, and Saban, unsurprisingly, excels.

2. After greeting “1,200 of his closest friends,” Saban described how the media is "crazy" for venturing to make preseason predictions in advance of a college football campaign. Sure, the media has picked the wrong SEC champ in 17 of the past 21 years. BUT THERE IS AN EXPLANATION COACH:

3. Saban continued his push to convince the SEC to adopt a nine-game conference schedule, and then proceeded to explain that all is not fair in love and SEC football:

Asked if he understood Les Miles’ frustration with having Florida as a fixed cross-division opponent, Saban responded:

“I coached at LSU, so if anybody understands it, I understand it, you understand?”

4. This did not happen, and we are all worse off for it:

Saban was not wearing this hat. Also sad.