Royal Baby scouting report: From unranked newborn to the SEC?

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With fans like this, Royal Baby seems destined to make an impact in a football hotbed. (AFP/Getty Images)

Royal Baby fan

By Martin Rickman

The day is finally here, and everyone is waiting to learn where the Royal Baby will sign. Does the Royal Baby truly have committable offers to SEC schools, or is that merely smoke to drum up interest from ACC and Big 12 programs? We all know Royal Baby has the name and the prestige, but how will that translate against top-tier recruits? Royal Baby hasn’t yet been able to show its stuff at any of the top camps, but we can still start projecting its potential.

Let’s break down Royal Baby’s prospects at the next level.

Height: 1-foot-10

Weight: Nine pounds

Class: 2031

Hometown: England

School: Homeschooled

Position: Unknown

Status: Unsigned

Star rating: NR


Baby has untapped and unexplored upside. Baby is a tabula rasa. The ‘Little Royal’ can play multiple positions and has already shown it loves to get after it. Not afraid to ask for what it wants. Very vocal, but ready to listen and learn. Brain is a sponge for information. Comes from a big-time family. Refuses to be put in a corner.


Hasn’t shown the production expected for someone hoping to make an impact at the next level. Strength is a concern. Much more comfortable in a four-point stance. Balance is suspect. Lateral quickness needs work. Needs to put on at least 200 pounds before being Division I ready. A bit injury prone. No reason to think Baby won’t be a key contributor, but there are certainly questions about its preparedness and drive. Tends to fall asleep during plays. Is a baby.