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Purdue's "You Oughta Be Proud" music video just set rap back like two decades

By Martin Rickman

There are bad fan pride videos. And then there's what Purdue just gave us:

Here is the soundcloud of the song too (thanks to NBC's Stephanie Haberman)

It's set to the tune of target="_blank">a joke song by The Lonely Island, so that's never a good sign. As a service to all of us, I took the liberty of transcribing the whole thing. I'll take donations via PayPal or just a friendly smile.



It's been a blast

The black and gold known across the nation

One place everybody knows

Cuz no other school can even come close


You know Purdue is the one

You know it's been fun

Get up everyone and let's all Boiler Up

[Verse 1, I guess]

You wanna grab one so let's get to business

Just ask the Paint crew you know we got that defense

Remember getting accepted before freshman year

You'll never be sorry that you came here

Here's a shout-out to my peeps in the Greek system

And one for all the engineers in Armstrong problem solvin'

Now go and grab your trunks for a fountain run

Hittin' engineer and lyin' low it's tons of fun

Remember crossing the tracks remember when we were small

We have a nuclear reactor under Double E Hall

And if you live in a house or apartment or dorm

You can always hear the whistle for the special, bringing the storm

Don't forget your trays 'cuz we're sledding later

I'm going to grab a Den pop I'll save you some for later

[Chorus again]

You know Purdue is the one

We've got a big drum

We can't be outdone

So let's all Boiler Up

[Verse 2]

Yeah and here's the legacy we left behind

A small step for a man and giant leap for mankind

There's no such thing as an impossible goal

With an army beside you clad in black and gold

So don't underestimate Purdue's pride and invention

Tin roof acoustics turning up our student section

We've got Nobel Prizes, well our people got a dozen

So if you're lacking chemistry or peace, man we got 'em

The chimes of our bell tower, a class gift from '48

But if you walk beneath it, you won't graduate

So paint your faces up we've got a train to catch

So better warn the Big Ten to get off the tracks

[Interlude or something]

Take a second (one second)

A history lesson (listen up)

John Purdue started giving land and donations

Giving back it's part of our tradition

It makes a huge difference look at our accomplishments

Our pride in Purdue it's important it's a big deal

Look forward to the future the dreams that will become real

But it won't happen on its own

To further our tradition and support all the future Boilermakers


[Bridge, God why am I doing this?]

Purdue Gold and Black

Hail hail to all Purdue

Ever grateful ever true

All hail to Purdue

So Boiler Up Yo


You know Purdue is the one

Best college under the sun

So many great memories

And there are more to come

[Breakdown thing, I don't know what this is supposed to be]

Nothing that you see could not be true true

Where would Purdue be if it wasn't for you you

So let's all shoot for the moon

And scream "We love you Purdue"

Why why why why why why why did I do this I am so sorry

h/t SB Nation)