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Sonic unveils college team logos on mascot-themed burger buns

And here you thought there was nothing possibly left for colleges to place their logos on. (Sonic)

Just when you thought there was nothing left to slap a college logo on.

By Zac Ellis

Just when you thought you couldn't enjoy a Sonic cheeseburger any more, something like this happens to completely change the game: College sports logos on burger buns.

Oklahoma-based drive-in chain Sonic announced that it will soon steam college logos onto burger buns, an effort to boost its regional sales, according to USA Today. The logos are made from tapioca starch and food coloring.

Sonic already has deals in place with schools in Louisiana -- like Louisiana-Lafayette -- Oklahoma and Texas. The logo stamps will highlight regionally themed burgers, such as the Ragin' Cajun Bulldog Burger for Louisiana-Lafayette and the Sooner Brisket Cheeseburger for Oklahoma.

James O'Reilly, chief marketing officer at Sonic, said the logo stamps will add more than a dime to the price of the burgers, as the chain will pay licensing and royalty fees to the schools.

The logo concept was a hit when it was tested in Louisiana last year.

Sonic could explore the same idea with NFL logos in the future, according to O'Reilly, though there are no immediate plans to do so.

"Any opportunity to take a great-tasting product and tailor it to the local community makes good sense," he said.

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