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Notre Dame thinks Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" is about the Irish

College football is on like 72 hours without sleep, and it's not making a whole lot of sense, but it just keeps talking about this great idea it has, and you're nodding your head anyway because you just want it to go to bed. Only every time you try to get a word in, it just keeps talking over you and getting more and more excited, and it's getting louder and louder, and your head hurts, and eventually it has to stop, right? Please tell me it will stop.

So, of course, now there's this. Why wouldn't there be?

Get it? Irish. Luck. Luck of the Irish. Get Lucky. Rudy. Four Horsemen. A song by a French band who wears robot costumes. Blurred Lines. Twerking. Football. Johnny Football. Johnny Quest. Johnny Bravo. Bevo.

We have like 24-plus hours left. I think we can make it. We are going to make it, right?