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Kansas State unveils statue to honor head coach Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder has engineered a monumental turnaround of the Kansas State football program during his time in Manhattan, and now the school is honoring Snyder with a statue to commemorate his accomplishments. The school unveiled an eight-foot, one-ton bronze statue of Snyder on a granite pedestal on Friday morning, just outside the stadium that bears the coach's name, Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The statue includes hand impressions of 18 members of Snyder's extended family at its base.

According to the Kansas City Star, the status was installed on Wednesday, but it was kept under wraps until its official unveiling on Friday, which coincided with the opening of a $90 million West Stadium Center renovation. Kansas City artist Spencer Schubert, the statue's sculptor and a Kansas graduate, joked with the Star that his school affiliation almost prevented him from landing the job.

“But I’m a sculptor, and thankfully they just saw that the quality was what they wanted it to be,” said Schubert, who laughed and added, “I would have audited a class at K-State if I needed to.”