Miss Alabama says Roll Tide is "in" this season; houndstooth too!

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Is houndstooth "in" this season? It might be soon, because this year's Miss Alabama is prepared to show off the look in the upcoming Miss America pageant in Birmingham on Sept. 15.

Miss Alabama, whose name is, amazingly, Chandler Champion (Roll Tide!), will don an outfit to support her home-state Crimson Tide in the "show me your shoe" parade during the competition.

According to AL.com:

[The dress] has a fitted bodice pants jumpsuit that has a full houndstooth oversized float with the Alabama Football National Championship emblem in the center. The float will hang from the back of the car in the parade. The front panels of the float are trimmed out with the all famous "Roll Tide" wording.

Just what the Miss American pageant needs: A little SEC flavor. Roll, pageant, roll!

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