Johnny Manziel will not be available to the media the week of Alabama-Texas A&M

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Don't expect to hear Johnny Manziel's thoughts on the Crimson Tide leading up to Saturday's game. (Dave Martin/AP)

Don't expect to hear Johnny Manziel's thoughts on Alabama this week.

Considering the precedent, it shouldn't come as a surprise at this point that Texas A&M will not make quarterback Johnny Manziel available to the media this week. It's not as though the Aggies are playing a big game or anything ... oh, wait.

Manziel is able to speak for himself -- his cover stories alone are proof of that -- but he continues to be kept him from the media during game week. I'm not sure who the Aggies are more afraid of: reporters or their redshirt sophomore quarterback.  Johnny Football won a Heisman and is the most recognizable player in the nation. His muzzle needs to be taken off.

UPDATE: It appears Manziel was the one requesting not to speak.

This poses a couple of questions: What did Manziel think the media would ask him leading into the Alabama game? And why should his teammates and the coaching staff have to talk about him instead of letting him speak for himself?

While Manziel's gag order is being presented as for his own good, we're now in year two of the Aggies' star being withheld from the media. Manziel's decision or not, his disappearing act certainly won't help him in the future -- whether that includes the NFL or something else.

Manziel is clearly capable of conversing with reporters, and if he doesn't talk, writers will find their own storylines to fill in the gaps. That's a dangerous position to be in, especially for a player who has made headlines all year round.

Honesty and transparency don't hurt as much as some players think; if anything, they keep misinformed opinions from being founded based purely on speculation.

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