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SEC commissioner Mike Slive: NCAA rules regarding agents are 'part of the problem'

Mike Slive continues to push for the NCAA to rethink its stance regarding agents. (The State/MCT/Getty Images)

Mike Slive

SEC commissioner Mike Slive says the NCAA needs to rethink its policy regarding agents in college football.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Slive said the NCAA's efforts to address the situation have been largely futile.

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"I feel like the current NCAA rules and regulations are part of the problem, they're not part of the solution."


"What we had hoped for was for a total rethink of the rules and regulations as they relate to agents," Slive said. "A task force was formed and began to do some work and then for reasons I'm not clear on, the conversations ended."

When Slive took over as SEC commisioner in 2002, five programs in the league were on probation or under investigation by the NCAA. In 2010, Slive harped on the NCAA's regulations at SEC Media Days, and he repeated much of his criticism in his conversation with the AP.

Slive said prospect-heavy leagues like the SEC should be able to create their own rules to adequately deal with the issue. Some schools should be helping the prospects, not hindering them, according to Slive.

"We need to create rules that allow our student-athletes to deal with agents in sunshine, not deal with runners that are going down back alleys," he said. "We need to provide a different way to deal with agents, so we've been disappointed that this hasn't taken place."