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Business Insider: Texas football player worth $578,000 per year

Because the Longhorns generate so much revenue, their players have the highest Fair Market Value in the country. (Cal Sport Media via AP)

Based on the revenue of the football program, a Texas player is worth more than $500,000.

The debate about whether or not to pay college football players isn't going away. Every week it seems that another publication joins the discussion. On Tuesday, Business Insiderdropped a chart which shows what it calls the Fair Market Value for players. BI determined this value applying the rules in the NFL's collective bargaining agreement (in which the players receive a minimum of 47% of all revenue) to the top 25 revenue producing schools, and then dividing that figure by 85, the total number of scholarship players on each team. Written out, the equations for Fair Market Value is: ([Football Revenue × 0.47] ÷ 85).

The chart is well worth a look. Texas tops it with a Fair Market Value of $578,000 per player. The scholarship of each Longhorns player, on the other hand, is worth only $37,600, according to Business Insider writer Cork Gaines. That makes the Mack Brown situation especially interesting with regards to the Longhorns. The school is bringing in a ton of revenue, so it's clearly at a higher standard than a lot of other programs.

Rounding out the top ten of Fair Market Value (per player, per year):

Texas: $578,000

Michigan: $470,000

Alabama: $453,000

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Auburn: $428,000

Georgia: $416,000

Florida: $412,000

Notre Dame: $381,000

LSU: $378,000

Penn State: $365,000

Arkansas: $353,000

Obviously this is just one way of looking at the data, and it's by no means perfect. But it is another data point that can be used to establish a system that ensures scholarship players eventually do receive "fair value" from the schools for which they play.

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