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LeBron James will be on sidelines for Ohio State's game against Wisconsin

LeBron James already has his own locker at Ohio State for some reason, despite the fact that he's never played for the Buckeyes, he's originally from Akron and he's currently employed in Miami. Now, he'll be on the sidelines in Columbus for the No. 4 Buckeyes matchup with No. 23 Wisconsin on Saturday night.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

And with roughly 50 recruits expected to make visits this week, James’ – who played seven years with the Cleveland Cavaliers before signing with the Heat – presence couldn’t have come at a better time for Ohio State.

There is absolutely no reason why Ohio State wouldn't do this. If the reigning NBA MVP wants to associate himself with the program, that's nothing short of recruiting gold.

Having LeBron on the sidelines and talking to players (and possibly recruits) should give the Buckeyes a nice bump, and had the NBA's early-entrance rules been different when LeBron was coming out of high school, there's a good possibility he could have spent a season at Ohio State. A large number of Ohio residents tend to think Ohio State is the state's premier team -- even above any professional sports teams --and  it's probably smart to get LeBron on board before he decides he is a Texas, Miami or Alabama fan next season.

Kudos to the school for putting together a good package for national TV: an NBA All-Star and special uniforms will add to an already intriguing game between two of the Big Ten's best teams.

LeBron James may or may not be discussing Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton here. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

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