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College Football Playoff officially unveils 13-member selection committee


Arkansas' Jeff Long will be the chair of the College Football Playoff selection committee. (Beth Hall/USA Today Sports)

Jeff Long

The College Football Playoff officially unveiled the first selection committee that will select teams to participate in new postseason format, which will go into effect starting next season.

The 13-member committee will be comprised of the following individuals:

• Jeff Long, vice chancellor and director of athletics, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville (chair)

• Barry Alvarez, director of athletics, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Lieutenant General Mike Gould, former superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy

• Pat Haden, director of athletics, University of Southern California

• Tom Jernstedt, former NCAA executive vice president

• Oliver Luck, director of athletics, West Virginia University

• Archie Manning, former University of Mississippi quarterback and all-pro NFL quarterback

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• Tom Osborne, former head coach and director of athletics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

• Dan Radakovich, director of athletics, Clemson University

• Condoleezza Rice, Stanford University professor, former Stanford provost and former United States Secretary of State

• Mike Tranghese, former commissioner of the Big East Conference

• Steve Wieberg, former college football reporter, USA Today

• Tyrone Willingham, former head coach of three FBS institutions

College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said in a statement that the finalized committee has the pedigree to adequately serve college football.

“We wanted people of the highest integrity for this committee, and we got them. Every one of them has vast football knowledge, excellent judgment, dedication and love for this game,” said Hancock. “They will no doubt have one of the hardest jobs in sports. But their skills and wide variety of experiences -- from coaches and athletes to university leaders and journalists -- will ensure that they will be successful. And they are committed to investing the time and effort necessary for this endeavor. We are grateful that they will be serving this terrific game of college football.”

The College Football Playoff selected its committee members using five main areas of criteria: People with experience as coaches, student-athletes, administrators, journalists and/or sitting directors of athletics. In general, the committee members will serve three-year terms, with some terms longer and some shorter to achieve a rotation.

The management committee gave careful consideration to the standards for membership and identifying individuals who matched the criteria. The top-priority criterion was integrity. Among the other valued attributes was football expertise, objectivity, ability to carefully evaluate and discern information, and experience in making decisions under scrutiny. Prospective members were asked to commit significant time to the endeavor.

Selection committee members are given the freedom to use "whatever data they believe is relevant" when selecting the playoff's four participating teams, a removal from the BCS' use of computer rankings and human polls. The committee tentatively plans to release four or five rankings of 25 teams beginning in the middle of each season starting in 2014. But while Hancock stressed transparency with the committee, he did say the committee will not release individual ballots.