Video: Ohio State and Michigan players get into fight; three ejected from the game

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(Via Eleven Warriors)

The Game is always heated, and even when one team is amid a disappointing season, Michigan and Ohio State tend to enter this matchup with an extra layer of motivation. After Jeremy Gallon made a 17-yard touchdown reception to give the Wolverines a 21-14 lead early in the second quarter, the two teams got into a fight on the ensuing kickoff.

Ohio State running back/wide receiver Dontre Wilson and offensive tackle Marcus Hall were ejected, as was Michigan backup linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone. The officials will have their hands full keeping tempers in check for the remainder of the game, and the loss of one of the Buckeyes' starting offensive linemen and a talented all-purpose back could have an impact in the later quarters.

On his way out of the stadium, Hall had a message for Michigan fans.