Virginia commit gets cryptic note from Cavaliers coach Mike London

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Half the fun of college football recruiting comes from the out of the box approaches certain coaching staffs take towards their prospects and recruits. Whether it's Joker Phillips' ridiculous Photoshops (#ComePlayWRForTheJoker) or Georgia Tech's foreboding #themigration, recruits notice. But there's still something to be said for the handwritten note.

NC State is famous for its YOU=BALLER technique. Now it seems Virginia has taken it a step further into obscurity. Three-star recruit and Virginia commit Jeffery Farrar received a note from Cavaliers coach Mike London, and on the inside (shown in a picture Farrar initially tweeted out) it merely read "YOU" and was underlined. Then signed by London.

UPDATE: Farrar took down the photo and added two tweets for clarification. SB Nation has the original photo.

That solves the mystery of what YOU stands for. We will no longer need a cop to crack the case. Until next time.

h/t @StreakingTheLawn