Who should be the next Texas coach? Vote in the third round of SI.com's bracket

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(Click bracket to enlarge.)

We’ve reached the Elite Eight. Last week, SI.com unveiled a 32-coach, winner-take-all bracket featuring candidates who have been linked -- at one point, in some way or another -- to the open Texas job. The idea was simple: Instead of having an eight-person committee conduct the Longhorns’ search to replace Mack Brown, the entire Internet would help decide. This, after all, is democracy in action.

Third-round voting begins now and will end on Tuesday, Dec. 24 at noon ET. The complete results from the second round are listed beneath the latest poll matchups. First-round results can be located here.

Which of the remaining eight coaches is the people’s choice (and the entirely hypothetical Texas headman of the future)? Vote below.

(*Note: This bracket has absolutely no input on Texas’ actual hiring decision. Well, at least none of which we’re aware.)


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Ain't Played Nobody Division

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Bevo Over Everything Division

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West Is Best Except For Texas Division

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Second-round results

• No. 5 James Franklin (56.83%) over No. 1 Nick Saban (43.17%)

• No. 3 Jimbo Fisher (53.2%) over No. 2 Gus Malzahn (46.8%)

• No. 1 Charlie Strong (59.08%) over No. 4 Bill O'Brien (40.92%)

• No. 2 Art Briles (64.86%) over No. 3 Kevin Sumlin (35.14%)

• No. 1 Jon Gruden (60.11%) over No. 4 Chip Kelly (39.89%)

• No. 2 Jim Harbaugh (68.52%) over No. 3 Mike Tomlin (31.48%)

• No. 1 David Shaw (66.61%) over No. 5 Pat Fitzgerald (33.39%)