Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris linked to Vanderbilt job, every job ever

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Chad Morris has been linked to your job, too. Seriously, you should be worried. (Tyler Smith/Getty Images)

Chad Morris has been linked to your job, too. Seriously, be worried.

Chad Morris is certainly a hot coordinator, and, as Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney accurately notes, his name has been linked to quite a few of the openings in college football this off-season. Morris is a highly paid play-drawerupper (technical term) in a good spot though, so he has the luxury of picking and choosing which gig is right for him. That said, it hasn't stopped Morris from being mentioned any time a new carousel rider hops on or off.

Which is what makes this Swinney quote even more intriguing. Why stop at college football jobs? If his name comes up for every (every!) job, the possibilities are endless here. Which other jobs has Chad Morris been a candidate for?

Penn State

• Wake Forest

Western Kentucky




• Texas search committee

• Texas Roadhouse CEO

• XO, Airship McGuillicutty

• Member of the Hollywood Foreign Press

• Teacher

Alabama (Saban's just not getting it done pawwwlllll)

• Role of Mary Anne in The Baby-sitters Club reboot

• Dabo Swinney's imaginary friend

• Apple Store Genius Bar

• Writer nope that's an awful job

• Food Stylist, Applebee's

• One of those guys who made lots of money working from home. Everyone thought that sign on the telephone pole next to Church's wasn't real, but it is, but don't take my word for it

• Rocket scientist

• Voice actor on such shows as Bubble Guppies and Sanjay and Craig

• Car mechanic

• Officer, Night's Watch

• Guardian and protector, Sally Reynolds' dolls and teddy bear, his name is Jeff

• An accountant at Ernst and Young because tax season is right here, don't forget to file your individual tax return by April 15

Boise State (not the football job, the job of actually being Boise State; it's going to work, we promise, and the benefits are great!)