It's snowing in Tuscaloosa, so Alabama football players had a snowball fight

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It's snowing in the South, and people are freaking out about it, which is normally what happens when it snows in the South. Every time this happens, people who have never seen snow before get to experience it like they're kids for the first time. Alabama got itself a snow day due to the fall of flakes in Tuscaloosa, and to celebrate, the Crimson Tide went on the quad and had a snowball fight. Not with each other but with other Alabama students.

What resulted was domination by the Crimson Tide (obviously), but the strength of schedule is in doubt. How would they have done against a more powerful opponent? Why are they loading up on cupcakes? Are they scared? has a video of the fight, which is definitely worth a watch.

The fight lived on in social media, and the tweets and pictures are pretty fun.