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It's Johnny Manziel's pro day; let's look back at Johnny Football's best highlights

Johnny Manziel was a quarterback for Texas A&M. He did some pretty good things. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Johnny Manziel

It's no secret that Johnny Manziel's pro day is causing a bit of a stir. The Texas A&M quarterback came out in pads to run through his drills, with a cast of characters in attendance that included former U.S. president George H.W. Bush. The internet has basically exploded. I haven't been over to ESPN today, but if the network is anything like how it was when Blake Bortles had his pro day, I'm assuming there will be a big rap siren and a bunch of people screaming for the next eight hours.

All of this talk about the draft and stock and arm strength and height and weight and moxie (which I'm assuming you can measure using one of those Scientology e-meters) tends to overshadow what Johnny Football was actually able to do during his time in College Station. The Heisman Trophy winner did things most quarterbacks couldn't, and made plays that caused viewers to stare, rewind their DVRs and search the internet frantically for GIFs.

Here are a few highlights from Manziel's career with the Aggies. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

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Manziel reached hero status in the Aggies' 29-24 win over Alabama on Nov. 10, 2012, which included these gems.

Manziel's play in a 41-13 Cotton Bowl rout of Oklahoma was nothing short of spectacular.

You can take your pick of plays from last season's Chick-fil-A Bowl, in which Manziel picked his team up and pretty much refused to lose to Duke, even though the Blue Devils were practically scoring at will. Seriously, sometimes he looks like Nightcrawler from X-Men. He outright teleports.

Manziel made not one, but two tackles on the same play in an October 2012 game at Louisiana Tech. A&M won 59-57 and Manziel finished the game with 395 passing yards and 181 rushing yards, and had a hand in six touchdowns (three rushing, three passing).

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Many players have one Heisman moment, but with Manziel, every game seemed to produce one. Take this highlight against Mizzou from Nov. 24, 2012.

Or pretty much the entire game against Arkansas from September of the same year (with the best play coming at the 1:15 mark in the video).

Of course, it didn't hurt that he had a player like Mike Evans to throw to, as evidenced in last September's 49-42 loss to Alabama.

There was also this from the same 'Bama game. He was the human version of what you like to do when you play Madden.

Who knows what Manziel is going to be like in the pros? He might make it or he might not. But no matter what type of NFL player Johnny Football ultimately ends up being, we'll always have those magical two years.

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