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Report: Document highlights NCAA rules suggestions from Power Five conferences

The Big Ten's Jim Delany (left) and the Pac-12's Larry Scott want to alter NCAA rules. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jim Delany; Larry Scott

The Power Five conferences want the NCAA to adjust its governance rules that pertain to "agent contact, limits on coaching staff size and scholarship renewal," among other topics, according to a document obtained by's Dennis Dodd.

The document sheds light on the effort by the five major conferences -- the ACC, the Big Ten, the Big 12, the Pac-12 and the SEC -- to increase the group's legislative autonomy within the NCAA. The NCAA announced details of discussions surrounding such autonomy earlier this month.

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According to Dodd, the five major conferences included a number of topics in the document, which was passed around to college leaders by Wake Forest president Nathan Hatch, the chair of the NCAA Steering Committee. The topics included the full cost of attendance for student-athletes, a redefinition of agent regulations and a "lifetime opportunity fund" that would allow players who leave school early to complete their education.

The document also included a handful of new points that commissioners may want to change “if future circumstances warrant revision.” Those topics include rules related to canceling and renewing scholarships, rules surrounding the time demands placed on student-athletes and rules concerning transportation funds for families of players at championship events.

The document also shows the willingness of the Power Five conferences to discuss regulations that "hinder a student-athlete's career pursuits unrelated to athletics." Last year, Minnesota wrestler Joel Bauman was declared ineligible after posting music videos online.