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Notre Dame reserve wide receiver Will Mahone arrested on five charges

Notre Dame wide receiver Will Mahone was arrested on five charges over the weekend. (Patrick Green/Icon SMI)

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Notre Dame wide receiver Will Mahone was arrested over the weekend in Austintown, Ohio, and faces five charges, including three felony charges, according to a police report from the Austintown Police Department. The report states that officers found Mahone allegedly "head butting and punching vehicles" and "attempting to fight several individuals" early on Saturday morning. Mahone, an Austintown native, allegedly resisted officers' requests to get on the ground. A bystander helped an officer subdue Mahone and forced Mahone into a seated position.

Mahone then allegedly yelled obscenities at the officer as police attempted to move him into the back seat of a patrol car.

At this time Mahone began to scream and shout at this officer and attempted to pull away. While attempting to pull away Mahone whipped his head back in an aggressive manor striking this officer on the left side of the forehead.

The officers eventually forced Mahone to the ground and placed him in a squad car. Once Mahone was seated, police had to stun him after he kicked the windows of the vehicle and yelled at officers. Mahone also spit on the windows and seats of the car before officers applied a spit net over his head, according the report.

Police transported Mahone to a local hospital to treat a laceration around his left eye. While at the hospital, Mahone continued to scream obscentities at officers and hospital staff, per the report.

Mahone was charged with two misdemeanors for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and three felonies for assault of a police officer, intimidation of a public servant or party official and vandalism of a government entity. On Monday, Notre Dame released a statement concerning Mahone's arrest.

"The University is aware of this incident and is confident that it will be handled in a prompt and professional manner through the criminal justice system. Internal discipline is handled privately, in accord with our own policies and federal law."