NCAA president Mark Emmert set to testify in Ed O'Bannon trial on Thursday

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NCAA president Mark Emmert expects to testify on Thursday in the Ed O'Bannon trial. (David J. Phillip/AP)

Mark Emmert

The face of the NCAA expects to take the stand this week in the high-profile Ed O'Bannon trial. NCAA president Mark Emmert is set to testify on Thursday, Emmert told USA Today's George Schroeder.

According to Schroeder and USA Today's Steve Berkowitz, the O'Bannon plaintiffs originally put Emmert on their witness list and asked U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken to require him to appear as part of their case. Wilken rejected the plalintiffs' request, but Glenn Pomerantz, the lead attorney for the NCAA, discussed the ground rules for Emmert's testimony with Wilken during a pretrial conference.{C}

Pomerantz said, "We would agree that even if I don't question Dr. Emmert about a certain subject matter when he testifies in our case, that they are free to go beyond the subject matter because that's their examination in the case."

Wilken replied, "That goes without saying."

Pomerantz added, "That's fair game and we understand that. ... Let us do our full direct (examination) during our case. Let him respond to whatever they might have done in their case."

Berkowitz said Emmert's testimony could extend longer than one full trial day, as was the case with Stanford professor of economics Roger Noll.

Emmert has served as the NCAA president since April 2010 and has long been a vocal proponent of the organization's amateurism model.