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EA Sports hasn't updated its Madden 16 player ratings yet, so The Cauldron decided to beat them to it.

By DJ Gallo
September 23, 2015

Madden 16 was released on Aug. 25, but as we approach Week 3 of the NFL regular season, much has changed. Dez Bryant and Tony Romo are injured, Tim Tebow is out of a job, and the Colts and Seahawks are the worst teams ever.

EA Sports, in its never-ending quest keep Madden at the top of the football gaming mountain, updates its player rankings from time to time, but we here at The Cauldron decided to save their development team the trouble during the 2015 season. We'll be back for Week(s) 6, 9, and 12, and then for the playoffs.


Tom Brady

Brady's preseason ratings did not account for the resolution of Deflategate and other issues. That egregious oversight has been fixed.


Jason Pierre-Paul

Jason Pierre-Paul isn't playing, but the ginger root-handed defensive end's updated ratings are ready to go when he takes the field.


Russell Wilson

There's a lot going on in Russell Wilson's life. These updated Madden ratings attempt to capture that.


Rob Gronkowski

Naturally, Gronkowski could never be defined by numbers alone, but these ratings come close.


Robert Griffin III

RG3 isn't playing, but gamers should still be able to go into battle without accurate ratings.


Andy Dalton

The Bengals find themselves undefeated at 2-0. Dalton finds his ratings reflective of that performance.


Andrew Luck

The Colts are off to a surprisingly poor start, necessitating an update for the face of the franchise.


Sam Bradford

The entire Eagles team obviously needs revised ratings, but in the interim, the QB's numbers have been adjusted.


Peyton Manning

It's hard to know how many more Madden updates Peyton Manning has left in his career, but this adjustment feels about right.


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