By George Dohrmann
November 12, 2013
Head coach Buzz Williams says Derrick Wilson (pictured) is "ready for the next step."
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Williams: We did a lot of pre-scout, what we call pre-scout. We pre-scout every team we are going to play during the summer. Obviously, the pre-scout for the new teams, we don't have any tape, so all of that stuff was predicated on watching them against other teams. When we play Georgetown, we are looking at what they did to us and what we did to them. This was their counter to that; this was their strategy. But you don't have that with the new teams. So, we track them a little bit more prominently and the first time we play them the assistants who are scouting those teams, you make sure they don't have early assignments so they can spend extra time gathering evidence.

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