By George Dohrmann
November 12, 2013
Josh Pastner has found success playing with a four-guard lineup.
Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Pastner: This year I've been fortunate to have Joe [Jackson] who is one of the most scrutinized players in the history of Memphis basketball. Joe has allowed me to use him as an example of how his struggles in his first year were caused in large part by the people and things he listened to on the outside. What other people were saying and telling him infiltrated his mind and caused him clutter and caused him not to play up to the ability I demanded. His freshman and sophomore years, at times I benched him because he was listening to the wrong people. He stopped doing that and it freed his mind up and he listened to the coaches and he played better. It has been a blessing for me and for these young guys to have a veteran like Joe willing to share that experience and be honest about his mistakes.

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