By Thayer Evans
November 12, 2013
J.P. Tokoto will have to fill major holes in UNC's offense with P.J. Hairston suspended indefinitely.
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Williams: I can't be everything that everybody wants me to be. I've got to be what I want to be. I've got to be a coach. I've got to be a mentor. I've got to be a caretaker. At the same time, everybody's got opinions. They're like noses, everyone's got one. But I'm the only guy that goes and sits in the living room and talks to mom and dad about each player. I'm the only guy that promises them I'm going to try to treat their son like I would want my son to be treated so I can't be concerned about that...You can't run your life being worried about people that criticize you. We've been very fortunate. We've won games and I've had people criticize me. We've lost games and I've really had people criticize me, but I can't be driven by that. I've got to do what I think is best.

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