November 12, 2008
SI's 2008 Top 20 Scouting Reports
13. Gonzaga Bulldogs
With his 90-inch wingspan, the hyperflexible Daye swatted 54 shots last year.
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2008 Schedule
Key Game**
Fast Facts
Starting Lineup
PG Jeremy Pargo* 6' 2" Sr. 12.1 ppg 6.0 apg
SG Steven Gray* 6' 4" Soph. 8.1 ppg 1.5 apg
SF Matt Bouldin* 6' 5" Jr. 12.6 ppg 3.7 rpg
PF Austin Daye 6' 10" Soph. 10.5 ppg 4.7 rpg
C Josh Heytvelt* 6' 11" Sr. 10.3 ppg 4.9 rpg
Key reserve
G-F Micah Downs 6' 8" Sr. 7.9 ppg 3.7 rpg
*Returning starter

A forward with big shoes to fill is ready to step up and make the Zags contenders

Hard as it is to imagine now, Gonzaga forward Austin Daye was once so smallthat he could fit into one of his father's size-13 sneakers. He came into theworld nine weeks prematurely, weighing just five pounds, five ounces. Twentyyears later he's 6'­ 10", with a 90-inch wingspan and a shoe size (16)bigger than that of his dad, former UCLA and NBA forward Darren Daye. And thanksin part to a partially torn right ACL -- suffered at the LeBron James SkillsAcademy in July -- that kept him off the court and in the weight room this summer,Daye is reaching even greater proportions.

Though he has added 16 pounds since last season, bringing his weight to206, the hyperflexible, double-jointed Daye won't be the same kind of ferociouspost defender that departed starters David Pendergraft and Abdullahi Kuso were.But the sophomore forward is an apt symbol for this very promising Gonzaga team.He's battle-tested and highly skilled, he can score from all over the court, andhe's ready for a breakout year.

Though the Zags lack a true low-post presence, this could be their mosttalented team ever. The perennial NCAA tournament darlings went 25-7 last seasonbefore they themselves were upset in the first round by 10th-seeded Davidson.Along the way they endured a slew of injuries that gave their reserves andfreshmen valuable experience that will pay off in increased depth this year.Joining Daye in the frontcourt is Josh Heytvelt, a senior forward who missedtime with a stress fracture. Sophomore sharpshooter Steven Gray, who was alsohurt for 10 games but made seven three-pointers in the Davidson loss, will bepart of one of the best backcourts in the nation, teaming with senior JeremyPargo, the reigning West Coast Conference Player of the Year. Also back isjunior Matt Bouldin, the team's leading scorer a year ago.

Daye, who blocked 54 shots last season, will occasionally join them on theperimeter: Last year he hit 41.3% from the three-point line. "The guy can justmake baskets," says Few, who would like to see Daye get more physical inside andgo to the line more.

Daye credits his dad with making him the multidimensional player he is. "Hehad me work on all sorts of skills, like handling the ball and playing guard,"says Daye. "I'm not the best three-point shooter in the country, but I want tobe. I'm not the best free throw shooter in the country, but I'm going to striveto be."

Daye's expectations for this team are likewise lofty. "We have enough talentand chemistry to do good things," he says. "I think we can make the Final Four.If we don't make at least the Elite Eight, it will be a really disappointingseason." -- Kelli Anderson


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