By Seth Davis
December 20, 2013
When Leslie McDonald (left) was reinstated but P.J. Hairston was not, the writing was on the wall.
Gerry Broome/AP

Regardless of whether this case ends up in a court of law or how it is rendered in the court of public opinion, the only thing we know for sure is that Hairston has taken his last dribble on the basketball court as a college player. North Carolina will miss his versatility, his leadership and his three-point shooting, although McDonald's return will help mitigate that last deficiency. (McDonald made four three-pointers and scored 15 points in North Carolina's loss to Texas Wednesday night.) As the school admitted on Friday, P.J. Hairston is a young man who made some mistakes, and he must now suffer the consequences. Come next season, he will have a chance to make money somewhere in the world playing basketball. Back in Chapel Hill, however, the only good news is that the roller coaster ride is finally over. Time to stop dancing and start playing.

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