By Pete Thamel
January 08, 2014
George Washington's Mike Lonergan is one of many coaches who rebuilds his roster with transfers.
G Flume/Getty Images

The Evolution

At Delaware, Mike Brey learned the value of attracting dissatisfied players from bigger programs.

The Trickle Up

Getting transfers is no longer a small-school game: Alex Murphy recently announced he was leaving Duke for Florida.
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Who is next?

Angel Rodriguez averaged 11.4 ppg as a sophomore at Kansas State before transferring to Miami.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

And next season, when Miami bursts out to a hot start like George Washington, Iowa State, Oregon, Toledo or UMass did this season, no one should act shocked. The balance of power in college basketball has transferred to those savvy enough to collect and develop top transfers. And it's not changing anytime soon.

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