By Seth Davis
February 19, 2014
If Wichita State goes undefeated, the debate shouldn't be if they're a No. 1 seed, but if they are the No. 1 overall seed.
Wichita Eagle/Getty Images

I noticed that this issue got some extra play over NBA All-Star weekend because the league's new commissioner, Adam Silver, voiced his support for increasing the age minimum for 20. This made for catchy headlines, but it wasn't news. This was always the league's preference, so the only thing different was that someone else was saying it on behalf of the NBA. The NBA Players Association has always maintained that it does not want any age minimum. That's because the younger a player is when he enters the league, the more free agent contracts he will sign, and therefore the more money he will make. That's right, this whole thing is about money. Shocking, isn't it? The leadership of the NBAPA is in flux, but there is no indication that its position on this issue is going to change. Unless it does, we are stuck with the status quo.

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