March 04, 2014
Rodney Hood (right) has thrived playing in Jabari Parker's shadow, and he's Duke's second most dangerous offensive threat.
Lance King/Getty Images

First, let us praise whatever sidekick helped Cameron Bairstow escape Australia alive. Even swimming in the ocean is a bad idea Down Under, unless you like box jellyfish (Will Smith does not), cone snails (which have a detachable, poisonous tooth) and stone fish (which are covered in poisonous needles). And land is no better -- even the plants are trying to kill you. Since arriving safely in the United States, Bairstow has developed his own killer instinct: Among players on this list who use 28 percent or more of their team's possessions, Bairstow ranks second to McDermott in offensive efficiency. And Kendall Williams has an even higher offensive rating than Bairstow. That duo combines to score 37.2 points per game, or 49.4 percent of New Mexico's average.

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