By Dan Greene
March 28, 2014
Daniel Edozie finished four rebounds in a 16-minute start in the win over UNC.
Greg Nelson/SI

Brim sent him to Verbum Dei, an all-boys Catholic school, for 9th and 10th grade. For 11th, he went to King Drew, a medical magnet school. For 12th, he badgered Brim to let him go to Compton Centennial High, his home-district public school. He told her he wanted to graduate from the same school as the rest of her children. Satisfied with the progression of his behavior and his strong grades -- Brim says he was an honors student -- she relented.

Edozie only averaged 1 point per game throughout the season, as he transitioned to D-I basketball.
Charlie Neibergall/AP

Not all of Edozie's teammates know his past -- "I don't think it's something he just walks around sharing," said Niang -- but after a year of playing brick-wall defense in practice while averaging fewer than six minutes per game, they are confident he can flourish in his newfound major role. "He's been chomping at the bit waiting for his moment," Niang said. Now he has it, and he's telling his story.

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