By Michael Rosenberg
March 31, 2014
Aaron Harrison's three-pointer over Caris LeVert sent Kentucky to its third Final Four in four seasons.
David E. Klutho/SI

This UConn team is a 7-seed. The last team to win this tournament with a seed like that was sixth-seeded Kansas in 1988. This matters partly because seeds are a good (though not perfect) reflection of a team's play in the regular season, but also because a team with a lesser seed faces a tougher road. It's like starting a car race from the back. Connecticut beat a No. 2 seed (Villanova), No. 3 (Iowa State) and No. 4 (Michigan State, a popular championship pick) to get here. Now the Huskies must beat the No. 1 overall seed (Florida) to get to the title game, where they would either face a No. 2 (Wisconsin) or the most talented team in college basketball. The whole thing seems impossible, which is why, after the last two weekends, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

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