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August 18, 2014

Former Vanderbilt basketball player Kyle Fuller released this video Saturday promoting the upcoming release of a book he describes as being about "the dirty side of college basketball."

The book will be titled Below The Rim, a reference to the 1994 Jeffrey Pollack film Above The Rim about a troubled inner-city basketball player. According to Fuller, the book will chronicle the daily temptations of a Division I collegiate athlete. In his words:

"This book is going to talk about sex, it's going to talk about drugs, and it's going to talk about crooked agents. 

It also talks about serious, controversial issues like race, poverty, gang violence, perks, pay for play and broken families. I want you guys to understand our lives."

Below the Rim from Zoom Fuller on Vimeo.

Fuller told The Tennessean Monday he would not name any of his teammates specifically or 'diss' his former school in any way. He has started a Kickstarter project in order to fund the book so that he could "keep creative control" of the project "instead of having to take a back seat to a traditional publisher." Somewhat confusingly, Fuller's website also claims shock author Tucker Max's publishing company, Lioncrest Publishing, has agreed to publish his book but only if Fuller hits his Kickstarter goal. 

The book's website brands the book as something the NCAA does not want fans to read

Fuller started at point guard over portions of his last two seasons. He scored more than 700 points and amassed 252 rebounds over his four seasons at Vanderbilt. 

- Will Green

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