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January 15, 2015

The Kentucky Wildcats denied claims made by UTEP head coach Tim Floyd that they backed out of their scheduled game in 2016, according to Buzz Baker of UK Sports Radio

The game would have marked the 50th anniversary of the legendary NCAA tournament final where UTEP (then Texas Western) defeated Adolph Rupp and Kentucky with the first African-American starting five. The game was reportedly to be held at the University of Maryland's Cole Field House, the same location as the 1966 title game.

Floyd said Kentucky reneged on an agreement to play next season.

"Just backed out, said that there were a lot of people up there that didn't want the game to be played, for whatever reason, so I don't want to throw them completely under the bus, but that's ok, we'll just stay with a 1-0 record against the Kentucky Wildcats in college basketball. If they never want to play again and act like the game never happened, for the reasons why it occurred are significant, then we'll never play again," said Floyd via NBC Sports El Paso

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Baker responded to the allegations by saying the two schools had preliminary talks about playing the game, but never reached a firm agreement. He also said Kentucky would be open to playing them in the future.

Kentucky is the No. 1 ranked team in the country with a perfect 16-0 record. UTEP is 11-5 this season.

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