A slowly descending basket nearly crushed Central Michigan forward John Simons mid-game, Saturday night. Watch as he avoids decapitation or other gruesome injury.  

By SI Wire
March 01, 2015

A slowly descending basket nearly crushed Central Michigan forward John Simons during an inbounds play Saturday night.

The basket at Northern Illinois' Convocation Center had recently been rocked by a forceful dunk by Huskies center Pete Rakocevic. The dunk was so powerful that it weakened the basket stanchion, and brought the apparatus slowly to the ground. 

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Fortunately, Simons avoided sudden decapitation or other gruesome injury with a deft, lunging maneuver right before the rim and netting made contact with the floor. 

Watch the near brush with death below (h/t Zach Woosley for the Vine). 

- Will Green

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