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Facebook has released U.S. maps showing the fandom of all of this year's Final Four teams.

By SI Wire
April 03, 2015

Facebook has released United States maps showing the geographic displacement of fandom for all of this year's Final Four teams as well as which team is being talked about on Facebook the most in each state. 

The first map displays which Final Four team has the most likes on its official Facebook page from people in each state. Kentucky and Duke have the most states in which they are the most popular team. 

Via Facebook

The second map shows which team is being most talked about on Facebook in each U.S. state. Kentucky is the most-talked about team in a large majority of states.

Via Facebook

Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes is the star of media day again

The Wildcats are the most-talked about team in thirteen states where Duke is on top for Facebook likes on its page.  

Facebook also put together a video of some of the most shared posts so far relating to the 2015 NCAA tournament. 


Check out some of the best March Madness moments shared on Facebook during the tournament so far, as we look forward to the Final Four!

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Kentucky plays Wisconsin and Duke plays Michigan State on Saturday in Indianapolis. The winners will face each other on April 6 in the national title game.

- Molly Geary

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