Kentucky head coach John Calipari speaks to his team during the second half of the NCAA college basketball Southeastern Conference tournament championship game against Arkansas, Sunday, March 15, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn. Kentucky won 78-63.(AP Photo/Mike
Mike Stewart
May 28, 2015

Kentucky will play Florida, Tennessee and Vanderbilt twice a season every season in the Southeastern Conference's new basketball schedule format that increases the number of permanent home-and-home opponents from one to three.

The SEC announced the tweak to its scheduling Thursday.

Each of the 14 SEC teams will play at each other at least once, and also have five home-and-home opponents. Three will be the same every season and two others will rotate.

Previously, SEC basketball schedules were built around one permanent home-and-home rival with the other four rotating yearly.

Florida also will play Georgia and Vanderbilt every season.

The rest of the SEC's permanent home-and-home rivals:

Alabama: Auburn, Mississippi State, LSU.

Arkansas: Missouri, Texas A&M, LSU.

Auburn: Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia.

Georgia: South Carolina, Florida, Auburn.

LSU: Texas A&M, Alabama, Arkansas.

Mississippi: Mississippi State, Auburn, Missouri.

Mississippi State: Ole Miss, Alabama, South Carolina.

Missouri: Arkansas, Texas A&M, Ole Miss.

South Carolina: Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi State.

Tennessee: Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina.

Texas A&M: LSU, Arkansas, Missouri.

Vanderbilt: Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida.

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