Villanova Wildcats basketball power rankings

November 19, 2015

The evolution of an offensive option, in just two games:

1. Ryan Arcidiacono is a 6'3" point guard who, in his first three seasons at Villanova, had a total of zero post-up possessions, according Synergy Sports Technology's logs.

2. Early in the first half of the Wildcats' season-opening rout of Fairleigh Dickinson, they ended that post-up drought. They called a play to feed Arcidiacono on the right block.


3. On their first offensive possession of their win over Nebraska on Tuesday, the Wildcats called for the same Arcidiacono post-up, on the same block. Huskers coach Tim Miles is no dummy; they were prepared for this, and used the man guarding center Daniel Ochefu (a non-long-range shooter) to double down on Arcidiacono and thwart the scoring threat:


4. Undaunted, Villanova went back to the Arcidiacono post-up a few possessions later, this time on the left block. Once again, he drew a double-team from Ochefu's man. But here, it set up something on the kickout: A 2-on-1 handoff/screen action between Ochefu and Jalen Brunson, with no big man to step out and prevent Brunson from shooting a three. This is a great counter:


Next up: 11/20 vs. East Tennessee State, 11/22 vs. Akron

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